D.F. Rasin Photography is a high impact imagery experience in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. D.F.Rasin, more affectionately known as "Big D", had been doing photography as a hobbyist in the MD/DC area for a number of years before finally deciding to go professional. While honing his skills shooting landscapes and small events, Big D discovered an interest in fashion, editorial, and fine art portrait photography. After trying his hand at the medium, influenced by the work of such notable professionals as fashion photographers Roy Cox and Matthew Jordan Smith, in 2009 Big D took his craft to the next logical level of professional photography. Being a compassionate "people person" is what separates him from the average photographer, allowing him to develop a true bond with his subjects which is then transferred to his images.
   "Making an emotional connection with my clients allows me to share their story, allowing me to create images with a strong emotional impact," says Big D. "This is what attracts the eye to my photos, and in fact, almost makes some of them mesmerizing."
   Step into the amazing mind of D.F. Rasin, and experience the magic of his photography!